Gepatologia, №34 (2016)

K.Bodnya, I. Bodnya Bacterial and parasitic liver abscesses I.P. Bodnya Condition of adaptive compensatory capabilities of the human body in toxocariasis T.A. Velieva Peculiarities of non-specific branch of immunity in peripheral blood in liver echinococcosis before and after treatment L.V. Moroz, Musaev Eltun Engibar Ogly, N.V. Zaichko, O.S. Androsova, O.A. Haiduk Influence of vitamin D on the results  of chronic hepatitis С treatment Y.Y. Riabokon, V.O. Tumanckiy Clinical features of HCV-associated renal damage E.V. Riabokon, V.A. Tumansky, Y.Y. Riabokon, E.A. Furik Pathogenetic role of HCV Continue reading →

Gepatologia, №33 (2016)

Actual problem M.I. Mihailov, K.K. Kjuregyan Epidemiology of hepatitis Е Original investigations В.А. Gerasun, R.Yu. Hrytsko, O.B. Herasun, O.B. Vorozbyt, V.V. Danilejchenko Cell immunomodulating therapy of extra-hepatic manifestations of chronic viral hepatitis B and C and autoimmune hepatitis N.O. Vynograd, U.A. Shul Hepatitis manifestations in patients with West Nile fever V.M. Shevaga, M.G. Semchyshyn, B.V. Zadorozhna, A.M. Zadorozhnyj, І.S. Bogdan Mineral homeostasis in functional disorders of the liver in soldiers of antiterrorist operation with brain injury of mild and moderate severity M.D. Chemych, I.S. Chayka, O.M. Chemych, Continue reading →

Gepatologia, №32 (2016)

Actual problem M.K. Mamedov, A.E. Dadasheva, E.U. Mallinikova, M.I. Mikhailov Peculiarities of premorbid conditions often detected in individuals from different groups with high risk of parenteral infection with hepatitis B and C viruses. Original researches E.M. Gavrilyuk Morphologic features of tissue reorganization progression/regression in chronic non–alcoholic steatohepatitis and viral hepatitis С. O.B. Herasun Investigation of influence of intradermal immunization with inactivated autoleukocytes on the condition of antiviral immunity in patients with chronic hepatitis B (Investigation in leukocyte culture). V. Kozko., N. Antsyferova, А. Solmennyk, О. Continue reading →

Gepatologia, №31 (2016)

Actual problem S. Chooklin, S. Chuklin Spontaneous bacterial peritonitis in patients with liver cirrhosis  Original researches G.М. Dubinskaya, L.М. Sizovа, T.І. Koval, E.M. Izyumskaya The influence of TLR4 and TLR7 genetic polymorphisms on the rate of liver fibrosis progression in patients with chronic hepatitis C M.M. Kondro, D.O. Voyeykova, L.I. Stepanova, T.M. Falalyeyeva, T.V. Berehova, L.I. Ostapchenko Influence of high-calorie nutrition on enzymatic activity of basic complexes of electron transport chain of hepatocyte mitochondria under the condition of hepatic steatosis development of various etiologies V.P. Maliy Liver Continue reading →