Gepatologia, №42 (2018)

Original researches L.V. Moroz, A.A. Popovich, I.Y. Bondaruk Determination of hyaluronic acid level in patients  with chronic viral hepatitis C at the stages  of triple antiviral therapy O.B. Herasun Personified method of amplification of antiviral therapy efficacy in chronic hepatitis B K.I. Bodnia, T.A. Velieva, I.P. Bodnia Optimization of diagnostic algorithm in patients with liver echinococcosis L.V. Moroz, S.Ch. Soni Prevalence of HIV, HBV, HCV infections among healthy donors in Zambia west province I.V. Pashkov Clinical and epidemiological features of the course of chronic viral Continue reading →

Gepatologia, №41 (2018)

Reviews and lectures O.A. Holubovska International efforts in overcoming hepatitis C epidemic and the place of Ukraine in the global strategy of who in eliminating hepatitis in Europe O.M. Zinchuk, O.B. Vorozhbyt, O.B. Herasun, A.M. Zadorozhnyi, N.M. Prykuda The actual aspects of diagnostics of hepatorenal syndrome in patients with liver circle Original researches М.М. Kondro, D.O. Voieikova, L.I. Stepanova, M.Ya. Spivak The influence of cerium dioxide nanoparticles on lipide composition of inner mitochondrial membrane hepatocytes in rats with glutamate-induced steatohepatosis L.V. Moroz, E.M. Huseynov, O.S. Continue reading →

Gepatologia, №40 (2018)

Reviews and lectures L.V. Moroz, K.D. Chichirelo-Konstantynovych, S.M. Kulias Viral hepatitis G: difficulties and prospects of verification, examination, treatment and prevention Original researches Yu.Yu. Riabokon, M.Yu. Kolesnik, A.V. Abramov, E.V. Riabokon Interrelationship of instrumental and biochemical parameters of endothelial dysfunction in patients with chronic hepatitis C with progressive mixed cryoglobulinemia V.P. Maliy, А.А. Shvaichenko, V.V. Pavlov, N.V. Shepylieva, P.V. Nartov Fulminant form of virus A hepatitis with death (A case from practice) N.I. Dyakiv-Koreiba, A.V. Yakimova Metabolic changes in violation of microbiocenosis of the intestine Continue reading →

Gepatologia, №39 (2018)

Actual problem I.A. Zaytsev, V.V. Potii, V.T. Kirienko Efficient  screening  as  a  necessary  condition  for implementation of the WHO program on elimination of viral hepatitis in Ukraine I.I. Nezgoda, L.V. Moroz, S. Singh, O.O. Singh Plasma  osteopontin  as  a  biomarker  of  liver  fi brosis  in children with chronic hepatitis B L.R. Shostakovych-Koretskaya, O.P. Shevchenko-Makarenko, O.P. Shtepa, D.A. Kiselev, O.P. Kuzmenko Prevalence of HCV-infection in Dnіpropetrovsk region N.А. Vynograd, Z.P. Vasylyshyn, O.O. Yurchenko, L.P. Kozak Liver damage in patients with tick-borne encephalitis E.V. Ryabokon, A.B. Helemendik, L.Yu. Continue reading →