Gepatologia, №43 (2019)

Reviews and lectures A.B. Helemendic, O.V. Ryabokon, O.O. Furyk, Yu.Yu. Ryabokon Fulminant hepatitis В: immunopathogenic mechanisms of development, clinical observations Original researches L.V. Moroz, K.D. Chichirelo-Konstantynovych, A.O. Havrylyuk Clinical and morphological liver changes in viral hepatitis Е: experience of own observation T.B. Ryvak, A.Ya. Koval Study of the attitude among the population to self-treatment with hepatotropic drugs E.V. Ryabokon, S.A. Belokobila, O.M. Firyulina, Yu.Yu. Ryabokon Peculiarities of liver damage in adult patients with measles depending on the severity I.V. Pashkov Analysis of HBsAg prevalence among Continue reading →