Gepatologia, №46 (2019)

Reviews and lectures B.A. Herasun, O.M. Zinchuk, A.M. Zadorozhnyi, O.B. Herasun Using personified method of cellular therapy in the treatment of chronic viral hepatitis (literature review)   Original researches K.I. Bodnia, T. Ali kizi Velieva Echinococcosis: complex treatment with interferons added   K.V. Kalashnyk, Yu.Yu. Riabokon, A.V. Abramov, O.V. Riabokon The effect of IL-17 gene polymorphism (rs 612242) on the course of chronic hepatitis C, the effectiveness of antiviral therapy and the dynamics of IL-17 in the blood serum depending on the results of treatment Continue reading →

Gepatologia, №45 (2019)

Reviews and lectures A.G. Lishnevska, M.D. Chemych Galectin-9 in viral diseases: its regulatory role in chronic hepatitis C virus Original researches O.V. Riabokon, G.V. Yalovaya, L.Yu. Siyanova, Yu.Yu. Riabokon Modern opportunities of antiviral therapy and own experience of using 3D regimen in treatment of patients with chronic hepatitis С with concomitant chronic renal failure (literature review, own observations) T.A.Velieva Assessment of TNF-α, IL-4 and IL-6 concentration in blood serum of patients with hepatic echinococcosis before and after treatment Shostakovych-Koretskaya L. R., Nikolaychuk M. A., Budayeva Continue reading →

Gepatologia, №44 (2019)

Original researches L.V. Moroz, S.Ch. Soni, T.I. Bevz, K.D. Chichirelo-Konstantynovych IL-17А, ІР-10 levels in blood serum samples of HBV-HBV/ HIV patients in west Zambia province I.V. Solyanik, Z.B. Klimenko, S.V. Fedorchenko, T.L. Martynovich, O.V. Lyashok, V.I. Yanchenko, V.A. Reznik Factors infl uencing the effi cacy of three-component therapy treatment of chronic hepatitis C patients infected with genotype 3 HCV E.M. Huseynov Features of the prevalence of IL-4 gene polymorphism (C-589T) in patients with liver damage in acute brucellosis L.V. Moroz, I.Bondaruk Diagnostic value of non-invasive Continue reading →

Gepatologia, №43 (2019)

Reviews and lectures A.B. Helemendic, O.V. Ryabokon, O.O. Furyk, Yu.Yu. Ryabokon Fulminant hepatitis В: immunopathogenic mechanisms of development, clinical observations Original researches L.V. Moroz, K.D. Chichirelo-Konstantynovych, A.O. Havrylyuk Clinical and morphological liver changes in viral hepatitis Е: experience of own observation T.B. Ryvak, A.Ya. Koval Study of the attitude among the population to self-treatment with hepatotropic drugs E.V. Ryabokon, S.A. Belokobila, O.M. Firyulina, Yu.Yu. Ryabokon Peculiarities of liver damage in adult patients with measles depending on the severity I.V. Pashkov Analysis of HBsAg prevalence among Continue reading →