Gepatologia, №32 (2016)

Actual problem

M.K. Mamedov, A.E. Dadasheva, E.U. Mallinikova, M.I. Mikhailov

Peculiarities of premorbid conditions often detected in individuals from different groups with high risk of parenteral infection with hepatitis B and C viruses.

Original researches

E.M. Gavrilyuk

Morphologic features of tissue reorganization progression/regression in chronic nonalcoholic steatohepatitis and viral hepatitis С.

O.B. Herasun

Investigation of influence of intradermal immunization with inactivated autoleukocytes on the condition of antiviral immunity in patients with chronic hepatitis B (Investigation in leukocyte culture).

V. Kozko., N. Antsyferova, А. Solmennyk, О. Vinokurovа, D. Penkov

Biochemical equivalents of fibrotic changes severity of patients with hepatitis C.

G.М. Dubinskaya, L.М. Sizovа, T.І. Koval, E.M. Izyumskaya

The influence of polymorphism ASP299GLY of TLR4 gene and GLN11LEU of TLR7 gene on the efficiency of antiviral therapy of chronic hepatitis C.

To help practitioner

N.M. Prykuda, A.M. Zadorozhnyi, H.O. Lytvyn, R.Y. Hrytsko

Gepatologia №Use of intradermal autoleukocyte immunization for patients with chronic hepatitis C before initiation of antiviral therapy (Clinical case)