Gepatologia, №33 (2016)

Actual problem

M.I. Mihailov, K.K. Kjuregyan

Epidemiology of hepatitis Е

Original investigations

В.А. Gerasun, R.Yu. Hrytsko, O.B. Herasun, O.B. Vorozbyt, V.V. Danilejchenko

Cell immunomodulating therapy of extra-hepatic manifestations of chronic viral hepatitis B and C and autoimmune hepatitis

N.O. Vynograd, U.A. Shul

Hepatitis manifestations in patients with West Nile fever

V.M. Shevaga, M.G. Semchyshyn, B.V. Zadorozhna, A.M. Zadorozhnyj, І.S. Bogdan

Mineral homeostasis in functional disorders of the liver in soldiers of antiterrorist operation with brain injury of mild and moderate severity

M.D. Chemych, I.S. Chayka, O.M. Chemych, N.I. Il’ina

Cognitive and psychological disturbances in patients with chronic viral hepatitis B and C

O.S. Fitkalo, T.V. Pokrovskaya

Chronic hepatitis С as a result of drug addiction


V.M. Kozko, О.Ye. Bondar, V.H. Tkachenko, О.B. Herasun

FIRST MECHNYKIVSKI READINGS Review of scientifi c practical conference with participation of international specialists “Mechnykivski readings – 2016”. Urgent problems of parenteral infections”. Kharkiv, 12-13 May, 2016.)