Gepatologia, №34 (2016)

K.Bodnya, I. Bodnya

Bacterial and parasitic liver abscesses

I.P. Bodnya

Condition of adaptive compensatory capabilities of the human body in toxocariasis

T.A. Velieva

Peculiarities of non-specific branch of immunity in peripheral blood in liver echinococcosis before and after treatment

L.V. Moroz, Musaev Eltun Engibar Ogly, N.V. Zaichko, O.S. Androsova, O.A. Haiduk

Influence of vitamin D on the results  of chronic hepatitis С treatment

Y.Y. Riabokon, V.O. Tumanckiy

Clinical features of HCV-associated renal damage

E.V. Riabokon, V.A. Tumansky, Y.Y. Riabokon, E.A. Furik

Pathogenetic role of HCV genotype and insulin resistance in the development of liver steatosis and fibrosis in patients with chronic hepatitis С