Gepatologia, №35 (2017)

Actual problem

Y.Y. Riabokon

Clinical features of HCV-associated extrahepatic manifestations of hematological nature.

Original researches

L.V. Moroz, S.M. Antonyak, O.S. Androsova

The effectiveness of antiviral therapy for chronic hepatitis C in HCV/HIV coinfected patients.

E.V. Riabokon, K.V. Kalashnik, E.V. Lyadska, D.P. Ipatova, Y.Y. Riabokon

The effectiveness of dual antiviral therapy and dynamics of indicators of quality of life in patients with chronic hepatitis C, depending on the response to treatment.

M.D. Chemych, A.G. Lishnevska

Clinico-laboratory and immunological features of chronic hepatitis C in patients undergoing antiviral therapy with pegylated interferon.

V.P. Prysyazhnyuk

Efficiency of l-carnitine administration in complex treatment of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease patients.

O.B. Herasun

Possibility of intensification of antiviral therapy efficacy in chronic hepatitis B.

To help practitioner

Ya. Hospodarskyy, N.M. Havruliuk, O.Vol. Prokopchuk

Comparative effectiveness of antifibrotic treatment in the patients with chronic hepatitic C before and after the completion of antiviral treatment.


Peculiarities of diagnosis and treatment of patients with chronic viral hepatitis B and C with rheumatological signs (methodical guide of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine 2016)