Gepatologia, №36 (2017)

Reviews and lectures

N.N. Popov, A.I. Sklyar

Peculiarities of innate immunity reaction to HBV infection

Original researches

B.A. Herasun, О.M. Zinchuk, О.A. Holubovska, R.Y. Hrytsko, O.B. Herasun, A.M. Zadorozhnyi

Original method of influence on the level of pro-inflammatory cytokine TNF-alpha activity

O.M. Gavrilyuk

EрCAM+hepatocyte population in chronic steatohepatitis and hepatitis C viral infection

T. Koval, G. Dubynska, O. Danylenko, O. Sabinina, O. Izyumska, T. Kyrychenko

Epidemiological characteristics of the HIV/HCV-koinfected cohort of patients in Poltava region

S.L. Nyankovskyy, P.A. Labinskyy, T.S. Zazulyak

Characteristics of nutritional providing in children with functional disorders of the biliary tract

E.H. Zaremba, O.V. Smalyukh

Statins and hepa-merz in the treatment of patients with ischemic heart disease