Gepatologia, №37 (2017)

Original researches

L.V. Moroz, Y. Alkhazov, N. Abdullayeva, O.S. Androsova, O.A. Haiduk

Comparative characteristics of the effectiveness of different hepatitis С treatment regimens (personal experience).

L.V. Moroz, E.E.O. Musaev, O.A. Haiduk, O.F. Shkondina

Аssociation of vitamin D level in serum with degrees of fibrosis and activity of the inflammatory process.

O.M. Radchenko, Z.O. Huk-Leshnevska, O.Y Komaritsa

Correlation of clinical and laboratory parameters in patients with benign hyperbilirubinemia.

T. Koval

Prognosis of the effectiveness of hepatitis C treatment with interferon-based regimens and search for predictors of stable viral response in HIV-infected patients.

V.I. Vdovychenko, V.V. Kultchytsky

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and concomitant arterial.

V.P. Prysyazhnyuk

Age and gender peculiarities of biochemical indicators, lipid and cytokin blood profiles in nonviral chronic hepatitis patients.

A.Y. Labinskiy

Enterologic and hepatologic early non-motor symptoms of parkinson’s disease and their nutritional correction.

E.H. Zaremba, YU.G. Kyyak, N.O. Cancer, A.V. Zaremba-Fedchyshyn, O.V. Zaremba, M.M. Virna, O.V. Smalyukh, O.O. Kapustynski

Influence of guareme medicine on the weight of the body, indicators of lipid and carbohydrate exchange in patients with cardiovascular diseases.