Gepatologia, №38 (2017)

Actual problem

I.A. Zaytsev, V.V. Potii, V.T. Kirienko

Possible strategies for implementation of the who program on the elimination of hepatitis С in Ukraine by 2030

Original researches

M.М. Kondro, D.О. Voieikova, L.І. Stepanova

Multiprobiotic infl uence on protein composition of hepatocytes under conditions of glutamate-induced obesity

M.V. Matvisiv

Vertical transmission of hepatitis B and С viruses in hivinfected pregnant women

M.D. Chemych, A.G. Lishnevska

Changes of antimitochondrial antibody levels in patients with chronic hepatitis С during treatment and their association with clinical-laboratory and epidemiological data

O.S. Khukhlina, A.A. Antoniv

Clinical course of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis in comorbidity with chronic kidney disease of I-III stages

O.B. Vorozhbyt

Prevalence and degree of fatigue expression in patients with chronic hepatitis C (CHC) and its importance for early diagnostics


O.M. Zinchuk, N.O. Ivanchenko

Ukrainian scientific and practical conference and plenary session of Ukrainian association of infectionists