Gepatologia, №46 (2019)

Reviews and lectures

B.A. Herasun, O.M. Zinchuk, A.M. Zadorozhnyi, O.B. Herasun

Using personified method of cellular therapy in the treatment of chronic viral hepatitis (literature review)


Original researches

K.I. Bodnia, T. Ali kizi Velieva

Echinococcosis: complex treatment with interferons added


K.V. Kalashnyk, Yu.Yu. Riabokon, A.V. Abramov, O.V. Riabokon

The effect of IL-17 gene polymorphism (rs 612242) on the course of chronic hepatitis C, the effectiveness of antiviral therapy and the dynamics of IL-17 in the blood serum depending on the results of treatment


M.M. Kondro

The effect of glutamate-induced obesity on the bile secretion function of the liver and prevention with multiprobiotic “symbiter acidophilic concentrated”


O.B. Vorozhbyt

Problem of cognitive disorders in patients with chronic hepatitis C