Гепатологія, №26 (2014)

Actual problem B. Zhakun The influence of helicobacter pylori infection on the structure and function of the hepatobiliary system V.А. Skybchyk Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease: modern treatment approaches Original researches N.V. Verba, K.L. Servetsky, T.V. Chaban, E.V. Nikitin Indices of platelet hemostasis and lipid peroxidation in patients with chronic hepatitis С V.M. Kozko, K.V. Iurko, G.О. Solomennyk The state of lipid metabolism indices in HIV-infectedpersons, patients with chronic hepatitis C and coinfection HIV/HCV N.O. Zhurakovskaya The role of lipid peroxidation processes in mechanisms of liver affection in infectious mononucleosis O.B. Vorozhbyt Research of demographic and social predictors of depression in patients with chronic hepatitis C (2 and 3) genotype HCV To help practitioner M. Shcherbynina, S. Kozhan Patient with multiple biliary hamartomas G.O. Lytvyn Liver disorder in acute leukaemia N.M. Prykuda, R.Y. Hrytsko, A.M. Zadorozhnyy The problem of detecting hepatitis E in the non-endemic regions