Gepatologia, №41 (2018)

Reviews and lectures

O.A. Holubovska

International efforts in overcoming hepatitis C epidemic and the place of Ukraine in the global strategy of who in eliminating hepatitis in Europe

O.M. Zinchuk, O.B. Vorozhbyt, O.B. Herasun, A.M. Zadorozhnyi, N.M. Prykuda

The actual aspects of diagnostics of hepatorenal syndrome in patients with liver circle

Original researches

М.М. Kondro, D.O. Voieikova, L.I. Stepanova, M.Ya. Spivak

The influence of cerium dioxide nanoparticles on lipide composition of inner mitochondrial membrane hepatocytes in rats with glutamate-induced steatohepatosis

L.V. Moroz, E.M. Huseynov, O.S. Androsova

Liver damage in patients with acute brucellosis

Z. Klymenko, T. Martynovych, S. Fedorchenko, O. Lyashok, V. Reznyk, I. Solianyk, V. Yanchenko

Features of the humoral immune response to non-structural viral proteins in patients with chronic hepatitis С depending on virus genotype, viremia level and antiviral therapy

Z. Klymenko

New realities of antifibrotic therapy in patients with chronic hepatitic C