Viral hepatitis in schemes, tables and figures

Герасун Б.А.

High morbidity incidence, prevalence, severity of the course and peculiarities of consequences make the problem of viral hepatitis one of the most urgent issues in medicine. In addition, extra-hepatic replication of hepatitis B and C viruses, their oncogenous influence, association of infection with medical interventions make this issue a general challenge in medicine. In spite of significant success in the investigation of viral hepatitis etiology and practical achievement, the morbidity still remains on a high level. Moreover, available results in the study of agents and improvement of diagnostics set new tasks for medical science and practice. Thus, viral mutations are known to influence efficacy of diagnostics, specific prevention and antiviral therapy. Teaching on the problem of viral hepatitis is also a complex task. A considerable number of nosological units, similarity of clinical pictures, wide spectrum of serological markers of the infectious process, development of multiple extra-hepatic manifestations, an increasing number of medications available for the treatment of chronic hepatitis, often without proper reason, complicate the choice of diagnostics and treatment of viral hepatitis. These and many additional circumstances prompted us to compile textbook for doctors’ advancement in different branches of specialization on the problem of viral hepatitis. Fundamental aspects of clinical picture, diagnostics and treatment of acute and chronic hepatitis are presented in figures, schemes and tables. Special attention is paid to diagnostic role of serological markers of infectious process, differential diagnostics of jaundices of various geneses, including the ones in pregnant women. Explaining the principles of antiviral therapy, only medications, efficacy of which is proven, were mentioned. Attempting not to overload the textbook, a number of aspects were omitted. Emphasis was made on issues corresponding to demands and facilities of teaching at the courses of thematic advancement of doctors’ qualification. Presented illustrated material is supposed to be used for the lectures and practical classes at the cycles of knowledge improvement for doctors of all specialties. The texbook contains the authors’ materials as well as illustrations taken from literature or offered by leading pharmaceutical companies. Remarks and recommendations will be accepted by the authors with gratitude.