Гепатологія, №23 (2014)

Review articles

M.I. Mihailov, M.K. Mamedov

Tactics of antiviral therapy for hepatitis В and С in oncological patients

Reviews and lectures

A.B.  Herasun, R.Yu.  Hrytsko, A.M.  Zadorozhnyi, S.V.  Volbyn, S.A. Lyshenjuk

Clinical-pathogenic characteristic of common dermatological manifestations of liver diseases

Original researches

О.Yu. Malinnikova,, А.D. Polyakov, К.К. Kyuregyan, О.Ye. Isayeva, М.І. Mihailov

Clinical and epidemiological description of hepatitis E in Belgorod region – enclave of the infection

B.A. Herasun, R.Yu. Hrytsko, О.B. Herasun, A.N. Zinchuk, A.M. Zadorozhnyi, I.I. Martynyuk, N.M. Prykuda, Yu.O.Hev

Artificial infection viral hepatitis b in me-medical interventions current conditions

V. V. R y a b i c h e n k o

Prognosis of chronic hepatitis C genotype 1 caused by viruses . Yu.M. Andreichyn Oxygen active forms combined with maxillary sinusitis and toxic hepatitis in experiment

To help practitioner

Clinical рractice guidelines: management of hepatitis C virus infection. J Hepatol (2013) (European Association for the Study of the Liver, EASL)