Гепатологія, №24 (2014)

Review articles O.M. Radchenko, O.O. Zimba Hepatic manifestation of rheumatic disease Reviews and lectures R.Yu. Hrytsko, A.M. Zadorozhnyi, A.B. Herasun, O.R. Pinyazko, O.L. Ivankiv, A.Ya. Оr n, I.L. Dyachok, S.I. Myronenko Drug hepatotoxicity Original researches E.V. Nikitin, K.L. Servetsky, N.V. Verba Clinical signi cance of pathogenetic lipid peroxidation condition and enzymatic antioxidant system in patients with acute hepatitis B I. Gomolyako, V. Yanchenko, I. Shvadchin, N. Klotchkova Comparison of morphological and biochemical characteristics of the piatients with ChHC V.I. Pyrohova, L.I. Holota, O.Y. Holota Peculiarities of intrahepatic cholestasis in pregnant women N.А. Vynograd, N.I. Skalska Hepatitis signs in patients with acute Q-fever V.M. Kozko, O.M. Vinokurova, G.O. Solomennyk, O.I. Mohylenets, S.I. Zablotska, M.S. Melikidze Exchange of polyenoic fatty acids and eykozanoids in patients with hepatitis B and its consequences L. Kondratiuk Investigation of in uence of some factors on the development of cryoglobulinemic syndrome in patiens with chronic hepatitis C ABSTRACTS